Can we steal a Strava KOM on a tandem?

BikeRadar staffers go after leaderboard glory onboard a mid-nineties touring tandem

BikeRadar head out on an old tandem to see if they can steal a local KOM

In the latest episode of our video series BikeRadar Diaries, Jack, Joe and Reuben head to the flattest section of road they can find aboard Cecil — a knackered mid-nineties touring tandem — to see if they can steal a Strava KOM.


It’s no secret that we here at BikeRadar have a soft spot for tandems.

Actually, that’s a lie — nobody except Jack does, but it was inevitable that given enough time, he’d drag his half-willing colleagues onto the back of his beloved tandem.

Watch as Joe and Reuben enjoy their first time aboard a tandem and push it to truly reckless speeds with predictably ridiculous results.

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What other challenges would you like to see the trio attempt aboard Cecil? Or have you had enough of Jack pushing his aggressive pro-tandem agenda? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.