How to clean off-camber sections

Six pro tips for riding sideways-sloping trails

Avoid slippery roots on off-camber sections if you can

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Mountain Bike coach Joe Rafferty gives us a few tips on how best to tackle off-camber sections when you’re riding the trails.

1. Limit the lean

Although it feels safer, avoid leaning your bike too far into the slope as you’ll push your tyres from underneath yourself and lose grip.

2. Hips out

Keep your body upright by moving your hips to the downslope side of the saddle. You can drop your outside foot but your main focus should be on your hips and the position of your core mass.

3. Go in high

Enter the off-camber section as high as you can and turn downwards if you lose grip. If it’s safe, use more speed so you need less grip.

4. Look up

Look where you want to go and not down the slope where you don’t want to go. Keeping your head up will help your balance.

5. Don’t brake

Braking will make your tyres lose grip more easily so keep your fingers off the anchors if you can. Going a bit faster will help you cross an off-camber section.

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6. Rooty danger

Avoid slippery roots if you can because it will be difficult to regain grip and your momentum if you lose it by washing out.