Our week on two wheels

Sun, snow and one sticky Brompton

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As a new week unfolds we like to keep you, our faithful readership, informed with the happenings from the previous weekend. Logged for your perusal are accounts from last week’s two-wheeled antics from the people behind BikeRadar. With everything from mud plugging miles in deepest darkest Gloucestershire to indoor and outdoor miles from our snowstruck colleagues in Colorado, it illustrates exactly how unique the testing conditions are in both of these territories.

Jack Luke – Staff Writer

…as is now tradition

This Saturday I joined a healthy crowd of BikeRadar and What Mountain Bike’s finest for a day of rowdy skidding in deepest, darkest Gloucestershire. Riding in some of the slipperiest mud I’ve ever encountered, I spent most of my day close to horizontal, trying desperately to stay upright on the bike. And as is now tradition, we all posed for a stupid group photograph.

Seb Stott’s near death experience left him in need of a little sit down

The following day I headed over to Wales with resident enduro weapon Seb Stott to scare myself on what he described as “steep death, gnar-gnar trails”. As promised, the trails were super steep and sketchy, but I was not the one who got the biggest fright of the day — poor Seb exited a gnarly chute to discover a corner that he knew well had… well, completely disappeared as a result of recent forestry work. After almost flying into this unknown void at some reckless pace, he needed a few minutes to recover from the shock.”

Jamie Beach – Deputy Editor

Jamie’s Brompton has been resistant to fold

Back to work and it’s back on the Brompton for me. Scooping it out of the shed for the first time in two weeks I noticed that the frame’s centre hinge is feeling very sluggish and stiff. I did manage to get it unfolded and ridden to the train station, but I’ll be giving my little folding bike some TLC this weekend I reckon.

Russell Eich – US Tech Writer

Pain-free crashes encouraged poor line choices and other questionable decisions

I’ve been experimenting with a Salsa Bucksaw to see where fat bikes can and cannot go. A buddy and I cruised around Boulder, blasted over monster-size piles of snow and crashed frequently. We hit up some trail to pick up the speed and see how my Salsa compared to his Specialized fat bike. While quite different feeling, both bikes prompted two wheel sliding through the corners and of course, the promise of pain-free get offs encouraged poor line choices and questionable decisions.

Aoife Glass – Women’s Cycling Editor

Cold but bright times for Aoife & Jon

I hit a sub zero Forest of Dean with Jon and Joe on Thursday for a spot of filming with the new Liv Hail. A combination of bright sunshine and frost covered trees made the whole place rather beautiful, and the frozen ground was perfectly hard and fast.

Ben Delaney – US editor-in-chief

Ben Delaney’s miles were mostly clocked indoors, it’s not hard to see why
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With more than a foot of snow on the ground in Boulder, I did a little smart trainer testing and a little more skate skiing. I’m headed to Arizona now for some sunshine and ENVE wheels.