Rapha Cent Cols Challenge 2013 – tickets on sale now

Prepare for this road endurance event with BikeRadar Training

Back in August, BikeRadar Training member Kirsty took on the Rapha Cent Cols Challenge, which involves climbing 100 cols in 10 days. She described the event as intoxicating and an honour to be part of, so she’ll be pleased to hear it’s back again for 2013.


Tickets are now on sale and there are three CCC events to choose between – one in the Alps, another in the Pyrenees and the third in the Dolomites. However, places on each are limited to 30 riders in order to ensure a close team atmosphere and make the ride well supported and safe, so you’ll need to book quickly if you think you’re up to the 200km a day challenge.

Once you’ve secured your place, it will of course be essential to start thinking about preparing for the event. BikeRadar Training is designed to help you prepare for trials just like this one, so we’ve created a specific 2013 Rapha Cent Cols Challenge group. You can sign up for free and get in touch with other riders taking part, as well as sharing training tips and monitoring your progress.

So apart from long climbs and a sense of camaraderie, what else can you expect to get out of the Cent Cols Challenge? Organiser Phil Deeker, who rides the events each year, said, “To find out that preconceived limits to one’s physical ability are mere perceptions, banished by unexpected achievement, is indeed a highly liberating experience. This is the real raison d’etre of these events.”


To find out more, visit the Cent Cols Challenge website or watch the video below, made in association with Rapha:

Rapha cent cols challenge 2013