Shut Up Legs charity ride with Jens Voigt

RadioShack-Nissan-Trek star comes to the New Forest in April

Ever wanted to ride with Jens Voigt? You now have the chance to, with the Shut Up Legs charity ride taking place in the New Forest on 27 April.


The ride is for and is being organised by Stuart Grace (GA Cycles), whose daughter Amy has suffered with epilepsy, ADHD and learning difficulties for 15 years.

Throughout their long-standing friendship with Jens, Stuart and Amy have received incredible support and he has regularly helped to raise money for a worthy cause.

Somehow, Jens has found some time in his busy racing schedule this year to come over and ride the event, saying: “I’m looking forward to riding in the New Forest and raising a good deal of money for Amy’s charity.”

How to take part:

Contact for full entry details.

1. Be an individual/company sponsor (minimum £250) and meet Jens the night before the event at an exclusive social gathering.

2. Ride the event, which will cover approximately 50 miles with 200 riders in groups of 16, leaving at five-minute intervals. Stuart and Jens will leave with the first group and drop back to join the following groups at designated intervals. Groups will ride at about 16-18mph, and be small enough that everyone has the chance to ride with Jens.

Entry to the ride will cost £100 and includes food and drink in the event headquarters after the ride, an item signed by Jens and automatic entry to a prize draw of cycling goodies from numerous local retailers and Trek. Of course, Jens will be available for a chat throughout.

Payment is to be made no later than 14 days before the event, or your place will be offered to another applicant. You will then receive a wristband that will give entry to the secure ride compound. No wristband, no entry, so don’t forget it. 

To limit the risk of gatecrashers, the event location will only be sent out 48 hours before the event. It’s in your own interest to keep it to yourself!

3. Non-riders can apply for a £20 wristband that entitles you to meet Jens back at HQ after the ride. Amy will have photos of Jens available, which he will sign for a donation to her Wishing Well. This wristband will not entitle you to the free signed item or prize draw.


All riders are expected to have personal insurance either with the BCF or CTC, as the organisers will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred during the day.