Strava art gets festive with 41-mile Santa Claus

UK-based Anthony Hoyte has created a festive Strava masterpiece on the streets of Birmingham

Celebrating the festive season with a Santa-shaped bike ride has to be one of the best and most creative ways to burn off excess calories accrued from eating too many mince pies.


Anthony Hoyte, who’s become famous for his Strava art, spent four and a half hours drawing out a meticulously-planned Santa on the streets of Birmingham’s city centre on 8 December.

Anthony’s Santa vital statistics
Anthony Hoyte / Strava

Covering a distance of 66km/41mi, Hoyte started by riding out the details of Santa’s face, following roads that would eventually draw his eyes, nose, beard and mouth. Halfway along the ride Hoyte then concentrated on his beard, head and hat.

Averaging 14.4km/h and climbing a total of 583 metres, Hoyte’s Santa is a true masterpiece.

Last year he took to the streets of London to draw a festive snowman, covering a whopping 142km in 10 hours.

Is this the biggest snowman ever?
Anthony Hoyte / Strava

Anthony’s other works include a brood of fowls with ‘extra plumage’ and two ‘face off’ drawings amongst others.


Thanks for bringing the festive cheer!