The 8 new sportives you don’t want to miss out on in 2019

Roll Massif launches eight new exciting events in Colorado

Roll Massif (pronounced Roll Mas-seef) is an exciting new Colorado-based events company that will host eight road, gravel and mountain bike sportives and races in 2019.


The eight events consist of three road sportives, two dedicated gravel events, one mixed event and two 12-hour mountain bike races. All take place in the most beautiful areas that Colorado’s incredibly diverse landscape has to offer.

The size and scope of the events range from 500-person mountain bike races to 7,000-strong mass-participation road sportives. All events (with the exception of the Copper Triangle event) also have multiple distance options, covering everything from 20-mile family rides to all-day high-alpine epic centuries, so there should be something suitable for riders of all abilities.

Each ride will have select timed sections, but riders are encouraged to ride as “seriously or frivolously as you like”.

A number of gravel events are also on the Roll Massif calendar
Roll Massif

Some events may sound familiar to those who know Colorado’s cycling scene, while the name might be new, a number of Roll Massif’s events are long-term fixtures that have been taken on by the new company.

Each event will also be accompanied by an exhibitor village that will showcase the very best food, drink and cycling wares that The Centennial State has to offer. A portion of the entry to each event will also go on to support a local charity.

All the events sound like a great day out, but the promo video, which showcases the best riding and beautiful smooth, dry and pleasant climes and climbs, has left BikeRadar’s winter-weary staff sick with envy.


Head to Roll Massif for more details.