The sound of Bryn Atkinson tearing up the trails is like ASMR for mountain bikers

New Red Bull video does away with unnecessary noise to bring you the pure sound of speed

In this video from Red Bull, former DH MTB World Cup racer Bryn Atkinson rips through the fourth dimension as he shreds the woods of Washington.


Let the sounds of Bryn Atkinson shredding through the woods bring sweet music to your ears

What’s different? There’s no voiceover, no music; just the pure unadulterated sound of speed. It’s sweet music to our ears. ASMR for mountain bikers.

Atkinson tears through the trails at ridiculously high speeds with the amount of precision and control you’d expect to see from a rider of his calibre.

Despite his serious skills, he doesn’t take himself too seriously though, punctuating each launch with a joyous “yeow!” before the thundering sound of his tyres hitting the ground.


Sound is a must. Headphones optional, but highly encouraged.