Video round-up: Crazy dual racing in Russia

Plus the Sea of Rock descent and aerial footage of Moab and Colorado

Fancy tackling the Sea of Rock, also known as Mount Sommerstein, in Austria?

Our friends over at have picked three must-watch mountain bike videos for us this week.


We’ve got a crazy night dual race, a mountain range that it’s taken mountain bikers 40 years to conquer and some amazing aerial shots of Moab and Colorado taken using a remote control helicopter.

1. Crazy dual racing in Russia

Not content with two riders going head-to-head, these guys have decided to spice things up by seeking out a slope so steep and loose that most entrants barely make it off the start line before they’re sliding down the hill. Then thrown in some massive boulders for good measure, and held the whole thing in the dark. Can anyone make it to the end while still on their bike?

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Dual racing in russia

2. Aerial footage of Moab and Colorado

Follow Katie Klingsporn and Ben Knight as they weave through Colorado’s flowy trails. Mix that in with aerial shots of nearby Corona, just west of Moab, and you’ll be itching to board a plane to this amazing location. Landscapes aside, the real magic of this edit is the technology used in the filming – a remote control helicopter.

See more on the remote control helicopter.

Aerial footage of moab and colorado

3. Sea of Rock – the ultimate technical descent?

This is adventure mountain biking at its best. The first attempt to tackle this mountainous terrain in Austria was in 1972, on a borrowed military bike. It failed badly! Forty years later, MTB mountaineer Harald Philipp and trials world champion Tom Oehler tried to tame it. Stunning scenery and slick bike handling skills makes this video well worth watching.

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Sea of rock – the ultimate technical descent?

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