We rode a 37% hill on fixies — BikeRadar Diaries is back!

What we've been up to since hill climb season and what we want to do next

BikeRadar Diaries is back!

You, the fans, have spoken and we’ve brought BikeRadar Diaries back, and it’s bigger, better and dafter than ever before.


In the first episode of this new season, Jack, Joe, Reuben and Benedict head to Prospect Place near Bath — one of the steepest climbs in the south-west, maxing out at a supposed 37 percent — aboard a selection of wholly inappropriate fixies and singlespeeds.

The four also talk through what they’ve been up to since the conclusion of hill climb season and consider plans for what they might get up to next.


On that note, we’re hoping to continue the series as often as possible, so, as always, leave your thoughts in the comments, including ideas about what you’d like to see us get up to next.