What Strava’s year-end report tells us about cycling in 2017

203 million rides shared on social network

Brits commute by bike more than Americans do. Americans tend to ride a little earlier in the morning than Brits do. And, surprise, surprise: beer and coffee are quite popular among cyclists. These are just a few of the findings pulled from Strava’s annual year-end report, which was released today.


Strava does not disclose how many users it has, but the social fitness network does release a wealth of other numbers.

Strava users 2017 highlights

  • 16 activities uploaded every second
  • 203 million rides uploaded this year
  • 7.3 billion km ridden
  • 69 billion meters climbed
  • 2.3 billion kudos given
  • 482 million photos shared
  • Sunday 21st May was the most popular day for cycling on Strava

Cyclists filed more rides as commutes on Strava in 2017 compared to 2016
Courtesy Strava

US vs UK cyclists by the numbers

Like Strava users, BikeRadar readers log on from all over the world. But most of our readers live in the United Kingdom or North America, so here are some US vs UK statistics.

The UK logged 31 million rides on Strava, with a whopping 253,429 rides recorded as commutes each week.

The US logged 36.5 million rides on Strava, with only 144,257 recorded weekly as commutes.

In terms of when cyclists ride, most countries have similar pre- and post-work spikes in the morning and evening. The most popular time for solo and group rides was 9am in the UK and 8am in the US. (It was 5pm in Germany and 6pm in Brazil for solo activities.)

When do people around the world ride? Mostly before and after work
Courtesy Strava

Beer vs coffee; pizza vs cake

Strava tracks how often food and drinks are mentioned on its site. Top of the list for the US? Beer, with 102,033 mentions. Coffee is a distant second, at 32,609.

Other items on the top 10 US list: pizza, burger, donut, sandwich, banana, burrito, salad and cookie.

While the rest of the world might not understand what ‘cake stop’ means (seriously Brits, it’s not a global thing) cake was the second-most mentioned food or drink item in the UK at 37,882, behind coffee at 40,724.

US cycling by state

No big surprise, but California topped the ‘most active’ list with 7.9M activities, dwarfing Colorado (2.1M) and Texas (2.1M) on the podium.

The fastest? Kansas, with a 20.1mph average, ahead of Indiana (17.8mph) and Wisconsin (15.5mph). Flat is fast, evidently.

Strava doesn’t rate segments by quality, but can easily quantify segments by quantity of rider completions
Courtesy Strava

On the other end of the vertical-feet spectrum, Vermont riders notched the hilliest average rides, at 1,361ft, ahead of Montana (1,211ft) and Colorado (1,204ft).

Floridians averaged the farthest rides (23.5mi) while Arizonans averaged the longest (1:54hr).

UK cycling by region

UK cyclists clocked some 904 million kilometres in 2017, while climbing 8.1 billion metres.

Ceredigion in Wales was the fastest region at 33.6kph on average. Northern Ireland had the longest average ride (51.2km). And Merthyr Tydfil climbed the most on average (685m) while Stirling riders rode longest (1:38hr).

London swept the most popular segment podium in the UK
Courtesy Strava

Strava also revealed that London was the most active location in the UK with 4.9M rides, followed by West Yorkshire (1M) and Manchester (967,283).

BikeRadar on Strava

BikeRadar has a Strava club, which as of this week has 12,707 members. That’s almost as many reviews (13,834) as we have on our site!

If you are on Strava, you should join our club. It’s a fun way to see how, what and where other cyclists around the world ride, especially as more and more people are posting photos.

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