Safer cycling on roads as all-new Mazda3 claims five stars in Euro NCAP rating

Safety for passengers and pedestrians feature strongly in all new Mazda3

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Cyclists know all about the hazards out there on the roads. Close calls with vehicles pulling out, unexpected manoeuvres and dodgy road surfaces all make it crucial to keep our eyes peeled for danger on a daily basis.

It’s commonly known that the causes of collisions and near misses involve cycle commuters and most cycling accidents will happen at or near busy junctions caused by sudden lane changes by the motorist, with sideswipe being the most frequent cause*.

So it’s inviting to see that the all-new Mazda3 is as equally concerned about road safety. It boasts an armoury of passive and active technology to keep its occupants and pedestrians and cyclists around it safer should an impact occur.  

Symbolic of this attention to safety is the all-new Mazda3’s maximum five-star safety rating awarded by Euro NCAP in its latest series of tests. It achieved outstanding marks in all four test categories for adult and child occupant protection, pedestrian protection and its breadth of active safety features.

Passive safety developments include a lighter, stronger SKYACTIV body, which uses more high tensile steel to create a robust shell; large front crumple zones to dissipate energy around the cabin and redesigned trim components to reduce injury potential to occupants.

Pedestrians and cyclists are safer too thanks to a redesigned front bumper and bonnet to mitigate impacts with the head and legs.

The array of active sensor-based technology available to the all-new Mazda3 range is breathtaking. It contains active features, such as Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control, Hill-Hold Assist and the Smart City Brake Support*.

The car also features a completely redesigned interior based on a new cabin concept to help the driver capitalise on all the information the vehicle’s systems have to offer. Cabin features include a head-up display**, a re-engineered multimedia commander to aid control of the connectivity and entertainment system and Bluetooth connectivity, bringing safer smartphone use inside the cabin.

It’s no wonder then that the all-new Mazda3 passed the Euro NCAP safety tests with top marks and continues the manufacturer’s reputation for building some of the safest cars on the market. 

 For more information visit the all-new Mazda3 website.           

* ‘Naturalistic Cycling Study: Identifying risk factors for on-road commuter cyclists’ by Marilyn Johnson, Judith Charlton, Jennifer Oxley and Stuart Newstead at Monash University Accident Research Centre in Melbourne (54th AAAM Annual Conference, Annals of Advances in Automotive Medicine, October 17-20, 2010) 


** Available on Sport Nav models only