Shaved legs — hot or not?

Just embrace the vanity

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We all know that shaved legs feature heavily among pros and dedicated cyclists. But the evangelism the topic inspires sometimes seems a little too extreme. Save me the excuses of road rash, aerodynamics or massages — just admit that you’re shaving because everybody else does too.


For something that in the grand scheme of things matters so little, the amount of debate, and parroting of some imagined idea of etiquette it generates is astounding. The outcry and frenzy about Sagan’s “incident” of not shaving was, in my view, ridiculous. Who’s to say what is allowed and what isn’t?

If you don’t want to do it, don’t and you’ll save yourself both razor burn and regular maintenance. If you do, that’s fine too, but don’t try and foist that decision on anyone else.

Yes, leg shaving has a tradition, and yes, with a 100 years of history it (almost) has anthropological precedent, but the snobbery of saying “these are the rules” rubs me the wrong way.


Am I wrong? Do my hirsute legs fill you with horror? Or is it really just vanity? Vote below and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.