Show us your best commuting photos

Epic and inspiring or gritty and grim, we want to see your ride to work

Share your best photos of your ride to work!

This is a sponsored article in association with Red Bull.


Where does your commute take you? Over hill and dale? Through the urban jungle? Or maybe even an actual jungle?

In BikeRadar’s Bristol HQ there are some fairly hardcore bike commuters. There’s a bias towards lycra and road bikes – tottering around the office on Look cleats doesn’t even raise an eyebrow – but every stripe of cyclist is represented.

We ride everything from grotty singlespeed mountain bikes to high-end carbon racers, and the more determined amongst us do it in all weathers.

We do it because it’s practical, but also because it’s fun and it makes us feel good. It gives us another bike to geek out about, and it puts miles in our legs. And lots more people are commuting by bike now as part of Red Bull’s Million Million Commute campaign.

Share your shots

So what’s your commuting jam? A fully dorked-out tourer? A tarck-tastic fashion fixie? And where does it take you?

Wherever you ride, we want to see your best photos documenting your ride to work and the bikes you use to do it.

Bonus points for extreme weather, adorable canine companions or just flat-out pretty pictures.


So get snapping! To share your photos simply post them to your chosen social media account using the hashtag #millionmilecommute. You can also post them direct to the comments section below. We look forward to seeing your pics.