Shredding an EWS stage on a 25 year old GT mountain bike

Ric McLaughlin scares himself silly on this rigid blast from the past

Watch Ric McLaughlin shred a 25-year-old GT harder than you could

We’ve just spotted this excellent video on the CRC YouTube channel that features Ric McLaughlin — presenter and ex MBUK staffer — shredding an EWS stage on a 25-year-old GT Outpost.


The bike Ric rides features a clapped-out 3×7 drivetrain, a stem that’s nearly as long as the bike’s perilously narrow bars are wide and 0-whole-mm of suspension.

Out back, the Outpost is even graced with a U-brake — for those of you that don’t remember these, well, count yourself lucky…

Despite the outdated tech and essentially useless brakes, Ric does a far better job of shredding along the bike on the rocky stage than I could ever dream of managing.


Any retro mountain bikers shredding the gnar out there? Share your snaps in the comments below.