Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Matt road shoe first look

Durability and classic design comes with weight and price penalty

The Sidi Wire 2 Carbon sits underneath the range-topping Sidi Shot from the legendary Italian shoe brand, and shares features with the multiple Grand Tour-winning shoe.


Released earlier in the summer, the Wire 2 Carbon range includes the Air, a lightweight offering, Matt, in grey or black (photographed), and the standard version of the shoe in a number of colour options.

Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Matt features

  • Tecno-3 adjustment dial on the tongue
  • Soft instep strap with Tecno-3 adjustment dial on the outside of the foot
  • Adjustable heel retention cup
  • Vent Carbon sole
  • Open/close toe ventilation in sole
  • Replaceable anti-slip heel and toe pad
  • Durable Microfibre Techpro Matt upper
  • Reflective highlights on the heel

Iconic Italian style

For more than 40 years, Sidi has been making cycling-specific footwear and its riders have won the Olympics road race, multiple Tour de France titles and many, many more while wearing the company’s shoes.

The Sidi-branded Soft Instep strap over the midfoot has been updated on the Wire 2 Carbon with a smaller and more ergonomic strap.

Another Tecno-3 dial is located on the outside of the shoe
Josh Evans/Immediate Media

Sidi’s proprietary Tecno-3 adjustment dial is attached to the Soft Instep strap on the outside of each shoe, with an adjustable ratchet band on the inside of the shoe that allows for centring for individual foot shapes and improved comfort.

The strap over the midfoot is an iconic design for the Italian brand
Josh Evans/Immediate Media

A second dial on the tongue is taken from the Sidi Shot design and tensions the upper over the forefoot.

Contrasting Sidi logos feature on the outside of each shoe at the toes and heel cup.

There are a few reflective details on the heel of the shoe
Josh Evans/Immediate Media

Also taken from the Sidi Shot, and seen on previous Sidi models, is the adjustable heel retention system.

Some other high-end road shoes rely on a cat’s tongue type material on the inside of the heel cup and, while this prevents slippage, the upper material at the heel can stretch over time. Sidi’s solution is a step-less bolt on either side of the heel cup, which certainly adds weight but ensures absolute secureness of the heel.

The Wire 2 Carbon also shares the same Vent Carbon Sole as the Sidi Shot — a tried and tested solution, which offers stiffness and ventilation.

The shoes have a vent in the centre of the sole and at the toe
Josh Evans/Immediate Media

Non-slip heel and toe pads will help to protect the carbon sole from scratches and are both replaceable as they get worn.

The toe pad also conceals a vent that can be opened or closed via a small screwdriver bolt, allowing breathability in warmer temperatures and protection in cooler temperatures.

The replaceable toe pad also enables the toe vent to be opened or closed
Josh Evans/Immediate Media

Initial impressions and Sidi’s reputation suggest the Microfibre Techpro upper will be particularly durable, but this does come with a weight penalty.

The size 42 pictured weighed 603g for the pair, around 100g heavier than the similarly priced S-Works 7 road shoes.

The Microfibre Techpro upper appears to be durable
Josh Evans/Immediate Media

As well as the weight penalty, your bank account will also take a hit. At £330 / €350, the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Matt are by no means cheap. However, if the performance and durability live up to Sidi’s reputation this will arguably offer value compared to other similarly priced shoes.


The previous version of the Sidi Wire also earned a five-star review on BikeRadar and I look forward to getting a full review of the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Matt on site soon.