Smartphones and apps revolutionise cycling enjoyment

Mazda3 broadens tech horizons in compact car segment

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Keeping track of your cycling performance via a bike computer that offers speed, distance and time functions has now become central to enjoying a ride. But that’s just the start. Smartphone GPS technology and wireless data transmission via Bluetooth® means there are huge new fields of performance statistics to be mined and shared with millions of other like-minded riders around the world.

And for many riders, the smartphone is the easiest way to gather this data and stay connected. Whether mounted to the handlebars or safely stowed away in a user’s back pocket with data being transmitted via Bluetooth® to a dedicated cycling computer, riders now have the whole world at their fingertips and can view their text messages, social media updates and emails safely and in real time.  

Mobile apps have enhanced cycling in a way never seen before. Riders can compete with others from all over the world to win climbs to the top of iconic Tour de France mountains, like l’Alpe d’Huez, on a turbo trainer in their garage if they want (see apps such as Virtual Active’s Bit Gym, for example.) Or out on the road, the heads-up display technology (such as the Sportiiiis, which attaches to riding glasses) exists to give riders access to real time data without their eyes ever leaving the road ahead.  

So, whether on the trail or open road, the smartphone is now the rider’s performance device of choice for boosting their enjoyment of the sport and pushing cyclists to break personal bests and compete with the online community on rides that are in their ‘back garden’ or on the other side of the world.  

Like smartphone connectivity for cyclists, the all-new Mazda3 brings safe and secure connectivity inside the car cabin. Mazda’s innovative and intuitive MZD Connect system offers drivers a huge package of online services and smartphone functionality that is transmitted via Bluetooth® and is displayed on a seven-inch colour touchscreen.

Want your friends’ Facebook and Twitter updates streamed into the cabin and access to more than 30,000 stations including radio, audiobooks and podcasts? It can all be delivered by downloading the Aha app to a smartphone, so you are connected yet able to focus entirely on driving*. Just like the arrival of heads-up display in cycling, with data projected onto the inside of a sunglasses’ lens, Mazda’s Active Driving Display is a heads-up system that informs the driver of essential driving information with minimal movement and distraction, ensuring the driver can keep focus on exactly where it’s needed: on the road ahead.


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