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Take a leaf from the Classics specialists

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Belgium’s cobbled Classics are some of the toughest races on the professional calendar. They demand perfect form and condition from the riders who battle each other for the win on the terrain that these races have become famous for: rough cobbles and extreme distances.

Belgians have a name for these tough, durable riders who can ride all day in the worst conditions: flahutes. They are a celebrated, special breed of rider. Reliability, resiliency and power are the flahutes’ defining characteristics.

The races are as tough as they ever have been in their long history, but the kit the flahutes use – the bikes especially – has been adapted specifically for the cobbled season. Common modifications include wider wheels and tyres to soak up the relentless cobble vibrations and to be less susceptible to punctures. The frames often utilise special material to dampen road vibration and the geometry is modified from regular race bikes so riders can sustain their power output over extremely long distances – often over 125 miles. The ultimate goal is to take a performance race bike and blend in features that add comfort. After all, the freshest rider at the end of the race is also the likely winner.

The same principle holds true with the all-new Mazda3 which combines great performance with excellent levels of comfort – it’s a car in which the driver can relax in style yet still give full attention to the road ahead. The extremely efficient SKYACTIV engines deliver excellent performance with fuel-sipping efficiency. And inside the cabin, the suit of technology includes an advanced infotainment and connectivity system with internet app integration via a compatible smartphone*.The 7in colour touch-screen display, which can also be controlled with the intuitive Multimedia Commander, means driver or passengers can navigate the suite of infotainment, connectivity  and car performance data safely.   

It’s a car perfectly designed for long journeys where the driver is always in control. So whether you’re planning your toughest race yet, heading to a business meeting or driving up the motorway to visit friends and family, the superior performance and excellent levels of cabin comfort and technology mean you arrive fresh, focused and ready for anything. Take a leaf out of the pro’s book and use comfort to enhance performance.

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*Requires compatible Apple® or Android™ device. Aha™ / Stitcher™ apps need to be downloaded to mobile device and app registration completed before connection.  Data usage and costs will vary, please contact your network provider for more information.  Data usage relies on a valid signal being available.  These functions may not operate in areas of low signal strength.  Please refer too www.mazdahandsfree.co.uk for the latest information regarding compatibility and functionality of mobile devices.