Sponsored: Three revolutionary pieces of bike equipment

Look's safety pedal, the Campagnolo Gran Sport and the Dunlop pneumatic tyre

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We take a look at three design classics from the word of cycling – the derailleur, pneumatic tyre and quick release clipless pedal – technology that, once it arrived, changed the way we enjoy the sport.

1) The Look clipless pedal

In 1984, French company Look applied its ski-binding technology to the first quick release clipless road pedal, allowing riders to snap into the platform, rather than wear toe clips. The upshot? Better power transfer, improved efficiency and increased safety for the riders. Just a year later on their first pro debut the pedals – PP65s – won the Tour de France under the French star, Bernard Hinault.

2) Dunlop pneumatic tyre

In the late 1880s, John Dunlop commercialised the original air-filled pneumatic tyre, which provided a much more comfortable, stable and grippy contact surface between vehicle and road. The technology was first trialled on road racing bikes before it spread rapidly to other vehicles. Production began in the 1890s in Belfast, Northern Ireland – and the Giro d’Italia route will pay homage to Dunlop by passing the factory.  

3) Modern derailleur

The Campagnolo’ Gran Sport rear derailleur, shown first at the 1949 Milan Bike Show set a new benchmark in gear shifting technology. While earlier derailleurs had been developed, the key to the Gran Sport was Campagnolo’s adoption of the parallelogram shape that let the chain move up and down between sprockets and keep the chain tight. The design has since become a classic that has stood the test of time. 

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