Stikrd offers custom colour graphics that retain an OE finish

Custom decals for your bike's frame, fork, rear shock and wheels

Options for making your bike, wheels or other gear stand out are somewhat limited. Or if your team or club wanted some customization, selection rarely varied from custom clothing kits. California-based Stikrd has a range of stickers that can be custom designed for frames, forks, rear shocks and wheels for both road and mountain.

Custom shocks might as well have custom graphics

Easy customization

Through Stikrd’s site, there are a few custom options available. The first lets you pick from a few preset frame color options to match the factory finish of your bike. 

The deeper the rim, the larger the sticker can be

The more interesting option is playing around with the 256 colors available. It’s a pretty simple system where you pick your component, which lays out a template of the graphics. From there, you click on a color, then click on the part of the graphic you want in that color. Options for a gloss or matte finish can be selected as well. 

Partnering with brands

“We plan to become the West Coast Customs for the bicycle industry,” said Stikrd co-founder John Valera. With that goal in mind, Stikrd has partnered with 23 brands, including Specialized, Ibis, Norco, Manitou and Industry Nine.

Custom logos for your fork, shock, or farme are easy to create

Valera added that it’s hoping to bring on more big brands such as Trek, Fox, and Santa Cruz.

Who’s stickering up their bikes?

“It started in MTB, but we are quickly growing in the gravel and road segment too,” said Stikrd co-founder Richard Vye. “One interesting trend we are seeing is that people in the US want more full custom design, where people in Scandinavian and European countries, as well as Australian/New Zealand and China/Japan, really enjoy utilizing our site to create their own designs.”

“Our demographic is everyone and anyone that wants to make their bike look different or matchy-matchy,” added Valera.


Stikrd pricing and availability

Stikrd currently makes decals and graphics for framesets, forks, shocks, wheels and cranks. They also offer fork arch mudguards. 

Custom stickers for forks retail at $35, rear shocks at $15, wheelsets range from $50 – $75, and framesets come in at $75. More info can be found on the Stikrd site