Stocking fillers for mountain bikers

Stuck for ideas? We can help

Why not treat that special mountain biker in your life this Christmas? Forget the boring pair of socks or knitted jumper – with our stocking filler guide you won’t go far wrong.


There’s stuff for the cyclist who enjoys spending their time tinkering, like the Icetoolz tool kit. Plus there are some cool clothing ideas from Sombrio and Raceface.

Need some inspiration before you head out into the cold? A subscription to one of the best written, most informative cycling magazines going – MBUK or What Mountain Bike – is just the thing. 

And for some silver screen action, check out Seasons, the new freeride and downhill DVD from The Collective, for some jaw-dropping riding. 

For the biker who enjoys a tipple there’s the Parktool bottle opener or the Surly hip flask. If you’re after some caffeine comfort there’s the RaceFace thermal mug or Handpresso Wild espresso maker.

£12 and under 

Park Tool bottle opener

Park Bottle Opener
Park bottle opener: park bottle opener
Joby Sessions

Park Tool offers a host of practical gift ideas for the riding enthusiast. While not bike-specific, this stainless steel bottle opener wrapped in Park’s famous blue vinyl is the perfect addition to any rider’s kit bag.

Udderly Smooth chamois and body creams

Udderlysmooth Chamois And Body Creams
Udderlysmooth chamois and body creams: udderlysmooth chamois and body creams
Joby Sessions

Winter riding often calls for some TLC where your undercarriage is concerned. Udderly Smooth’s salving chamois cream is the ideal gift for the chafed and battered biker, and there are creams and lotions for hands and body too.

Sock Guy socks

Sock Guy Socks
Sock guy socks: sock guy socks
Joby Sessions

With a wide range of designs available, you can go for the pirate look with the Sock Guy’s Skull and Crossbones socks or more Hell’s Angel with numerous flame motifs. Trucker types can have the Mudflap Girl or for that annoying mountain biker in your life there’s the priceless Wanker sock.

Stan’s No Tubes fluid (quart)

Stan's No Tubes Fluid (Quart)
Stan’s no tubes fluid (quart): stan’s no tubes fluid (quart)
Joby Sessions

Puncture-proof your tyres with Stan’s sealing fluid. There’s enough here for a dozen cross-country tyres.

Raceface thermal mug

Raceface Thermal Mug
Raceface thermal mug: raceface thermal mug
Joby Sessions

Having a piping hot brew on standby is a blessing when you’re working on your bike in the wind and rain. With this stainless thermal mug you need never drink tepid tea on the trail again.

£15 to £30

Muc-Off Cleaning Kit

Mucoff Bike Cleaning Kit
Mucoff bike cleaning kit: mucoff bike cleaning kit
Joby Sessions

Remembering the maxim ‘a clean bike is a happy bike’ will guarantee you smoother riding in 2009. Muc-Off’s handy tub contains everything you need to keep your bike in pristine condition.

Raceface Scenery T-shirt

Raceface Scenery/Schematic Tee
Raceface scenery/schematic tee: raceface scenery/schematic tee
Joby Sessions

RaceFace tees are great value, with a range of designs that riders will love.

Seasons DVD

Seasons DVD
Seasons dvd: seasons dvd
Joby Sessions

Sixty minutes of jaw-dropping riding in the world’s top locations, combined with some of the best cinematography going. Plus loads of extras including a ‘making of’ section that’s as interesting as the movie itself.

Any Forty T-shirt

Any Forty t-shirt
Any forty t-shirt: any forty t-shirt

Any Forty are a small clothing company hailing from Newcastle who make some loud t-shirts with simple designs. Fresh tees for après-riding relaxation.

Park Tool BBQ tool set

Park Tool BBQ Set
Park tool bbq set: park tool bbq set
Joby Sessions

Someone at Park Tool has too much time on their hands, thinking up clever stuff like this barbecue tool set that doubles as a pedal spanner and cone spanner. Other non-bike-related tools include a pizza cutter and a toilet roll holder.

Surly hip flask

Surly Hip Flask
Surly hip flask: surly hip flask
Joby Sessions

When it’s really cold and you’re thinking of curtailing the ride to head home, try a sip of the hard stuff from a Surly stainless hip flask and you’ll be good for another hour at least. Portland, Oregon-based Ahearne also make a bottle cage to mount the hip flask on the bike, available from, priced £19.99.

£35 to £50 £50

Raceface Full Zip Hoody

Raceface Full Zip Hoody
Raceface full zip hoody: raceface full zip hoody
Joby Sessions

Ideal casual clothing for any cyclist, and the perfect accompaniment for winter riding.

Subscription to a mountain bike magazine

Mag subscription
Mag subscription: mag subscription

Don’t stress about racing to the newsagents in time to grab a copy of the best written, most informative and stylish-looking cycling magazines going. Get a year’s subscription and let it come to you.

Enigma titanium skewers

Enigma Titanium Skewers
Enigma titanium skewers: enigma titanium skewers
Joby Sessions

These QR skewers from custom titanium experts Enigma are simple, elegant and weigh a paltry 38g per pair. Machined from 6AL 2.5V titanium, heat treated and anodised – they’re perfect if you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your pride and joy, or shave precious grams off a minimalist steed. What’s more, they’re British.

Icetoolz Comprehensive Tool Kit

Ice Toolz Comprehensive Tool Kit
Ice toolz comprehensive tool kit: ice toolz comprehensive tool kit
Joby Sessions

It’s amazing how many people spend thousands on new bikes every year but don’t invest a fraction of that in a quality tool set. This one is good value with all the essential tools a home mechanic might need – it should pay for itself after a couple of jobs.

Parktool CT-4 Master Chain Tool

Park TOol CT-4 Master Chain Tool
Park tool ct-4 master chain tool: park tool ct-4 master chain tool
Joby Sessions

Trying to break and join a chain with a cheap chain tool can bring a grown man to tears. Help the rider in your life to learn to love the process with this well designed chain tool. It’s ergonomic and easy to use, with a chain link pocket that holds the chain firmly in place.

£80 – £100

Handpresso Wild

Handpresso Wild
Handpresso wild: handpresso wild
Joby Sessions

Fancy adding some luxury to your rides in 2009? Now you can make a trailside espresso using only air, hot water and this handy gadget. When you get to the top of the hill watch your mates’ faces drop as you pump the Handpresso’s handle and inject a shot of piping-hot espresso into your cup.

Limited edition prints

Seb Rogers print
Seb rogers print: seb rogers print
Seb Rogers

Pro mountain bike photographer and regular BikeRadar contributor Seb Rogers has a range of signed, limited edition prints available, each one is a triptych of three themed images mounted, signed and individually numbered in a 20x60cm (8x24in) frame.

BRAND-X NOMAD X90 pressure washer

Brand-X Nomad X90 Pressure Washer
Brand-X nomad x90 pressure washer: brand-x nomad x90 pressure washer
Joby Sessions

How often do you find yourself staring at your mud-caked bike days after a ride? This pressure washer, with its own tank and a motor that runs off a car cigarette lighter, is perfect for cleaning a bike at an event or in a trail centre car park.

Hope ceramic bottom bracket

Hope Ceramic BB
Hope ceramic bb: hope ceramic bb
Joby Sessions

Join the ceramic revolution with Hope’s super-smooth bottom bracket. Its slippery bearings reduce friction, meaning it takes less effort to turn the cranks. You can then put all that saved energy to use pumping your trailside espresso maker.

Sombrio Dwell jacket

Sombrio Dwell Jacket
Sombrio dwell jacket: sombrio dwell jacket
Joby Sessions

What looks like herringbone tweed, is warmer than birthday best wishes, repels water like a duck’s back and is made from the wonder material of the Seventies? That’ll be the stylish new Dwell nylon bike jacket from Vancouver-based meisters of mountain bike cool Sombrio.


Kona longboard

Kona Longboard
Kona longboard: kona longboard
Joby Sessions

Can’t get enough of carving turns on the trails? This quality Kona -branded longboard skateboard is easy to ride and lets you surf the black stuff too. As much fun as you can have on four wheels.

Campagnolo Big corkscrew 

Campagnolo Big Corkscrew
Campagnolo big corkscrew: campagnolo big corkscrew
Joby Sessions

An expensive but exquisitely-made corkscrew from the inventors of the quick-release skewer. It will remove corks easily from bottles of red or white, and will even do a rosé, if you must. The perfect addition to the cycling enthusiast’s collection.

Oregon Scientific ATC5K helmet camera

Oregon Scientific ATC5K
Oregon scientific atc5k: oregon scientific atc5k

Record your off-road adventures with this all-in-one camera from Oregon Scientific. The 1.5in colour LCD screen allows you to view exactly where the lens is pointing and what the video will look like. It can take SD cards up to 4GB and is waterproof and shockproof.

Garmin Edge 305 GPS

Garmin Edge 305
Garmin edge 305: garmin edge 305
Joby Sessions

Whether you want to be able to navigate across the Yorkshire Moors by GPS or just have a comprehensive bike and heart rate computer that always knows the score without calibration or messy wires, the Garmin Edge 305 is just the job.