Supercharge your hub bearings for race day

Haynes' top bicycle mechanic on saving watts

Are you looking for every possible advantage on race day? Ever considered removing the grease from your hub bearings and replacing it with oil? That’s what Haynes bicycle mechanic Chaz Curry suggests doing in our latest how-to video.


The cartridge bearings in your hubs are normally filled with grease, which does a great job of keeping your balls happy for the long-term. A chain lube-style oil is much lower viscosity however and the theory is that using it in place of grease will lower rolling resistance and help you win bike races, albeit at the cost of bearing longevity. 

Watch our video to see Curry demonstrate the process of removing seals from a bearing and replacing the grease. How far would you go in the hunt to save watts? 


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How far would you take things to reduce rolling resistance?