Swish new bike racks from Yakima for 2018

Tailgate pads, fatbike racks and more

This video was produced in association with Yakima Products Inc.


Founded in Washington and now based in Oregon, USA, Yakima has been designing and engineering sports equipment racks for vehicles since 1979. The 2018 range includes some innovative new products.

Yakima’s new range for 2018

The company produces everything from cargo boxes to rooftop tents, but BikeRadar is, of course, most interested in the bike racks.

Some of the highlights from the 2018 range include the BackSwing Adaptor, a rear car rack adapter, which allows you to swing your rack away from the back of your vehicle for clear access into the boot or trunk.

Others include a fatbike-compatible bike rack and new tailgate padding with integrated straps to keep your precious bike cargo from sliding around in the back.


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