Terrifying retro time trial bike vs. modern superbike | BikeRadar Diaries Ep17

Is the pinnacle of nineties aero tech enough to beat Joe on his modern superbike?

While perusing the expansive halls of the BikeRadar workshop, Jack Luke stumbled upon an ultra-rare Softride-equipped Dave Lloyd tri bike from 1993, which was visiting for an upcoming feature in sister magazine 220 Triathlon


Unable to walk past a weird bike without swinging a leg over it, Jack took the bike for a spin, only to discover that it was super sketchy, ludicrously flexy and utterly terrifying ride. 

Knowing that subjecting him to riding the bike in a race would make for a great video, BikeRadar Diaries co-star, Joe Norledge, promptly bullied Jack into racing a local time-trial on it, organised by Bristol South CC.

While Jack was subjected to the very best of the worst of nineties aero tech, Joe would be smashing it out on his modern Giant TCR Advanced superbike.

But who will come out on top? Will Jack crash in a ball of fire and glory? Is a nineties TT bike faster than a modern road superbike? 


Find out as poor Jack scares himself silly on the insane retro machine in an action-packed episode of BikeRadar Diaries!