The best gravel/adventure road bikes at NAHBS

All-road, gravel or adventure? Small builders' nomenclature varies by region and application

The first iterations (and arguably, the very concept) of gravel and adventure road bikes were created not by the large bike manufacturers but by small builders around the world. Thanks to the requests of riders and the experimental nature of frame builders, we have a wide variety of options in 2016. 

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All-road, gravel and adventure all perfectly describe what these bikes are designed to tackle. In many cases, the differences illustrate regional changes in road surface and the severity of hills. Instead of consolidating into a programmed set of features, these bikes continue to broaden in style, appeal and application.

Click through the gallery above for a look at many of the best gravel/adventure ideas on at the North American Handmade Bike Show in Sacramento, California.

WTB launched its new horizon 650bx47 tcs tires simultaneously at nahbs and frost bike. the new tire is tubeless and rick hunter built an adventure bike to help highlight the new tires:
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Road plus? You’d better believe. WTB rolled out this new 47c 650b Road Plus clincher, which has the same outer diameter as a standard 700c clincher