The best of BikeRadar — 5 top articles and videos

The very best articles and videos from November 2017

A lot of great articles are published on BikeRadar, but it’s easy to miss the very best stuff among the gleaming mountain of high-quality content. So to make your life easier, here are five of the best articles and videos from the past month…


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1. Best smart trainers

We rounded up the very best smart trainers available today
Allen Krughoff / Immediate Media

We locked Ben Delaney up in a white room for the better part of two months to find out what the very best smart trainers out there today are, and the fruits of his toils are now on the site for your perusal.

2. BMW launch an e-bike that doesn’t suck

BMW recently made an e-bike and, remarkably, it doesn’t suck
Oli Woodman / Immediate Media

Earlier this month Oli checked out the new BMW Active Hybrid e-bike that, in contrast to the most collaborations between car brands and bike manufacturers, actually didn’t suck.

3. This is why drop bars sometimes suck

Matthew set his sights on the humble drop bar
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

Undoubtedly the spiciest wit on the BikeRadar roster, Matthew Allen is unafraid to weigh in on the issues that matter. In this piece he mercilessly sets his sights on the humble drop handlebar and the results are savage.

4. Best lights for road cycling

Winter is well and truly here

With the nights well and truly drawn in for the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, we rounded up the best lights you can spend your hard earned currency on.

If you’re after something more akin to a lumen-bazooka, be sure to check out our guide to the best mountain bike lights too!

5. Top 5 XC bikes for 2018

Here’s what we think the top 5 CX bikes for 2018 will look like
Oli Woodman / Immediate Media

Lastly, we have our rundown of what we think the hottest XC bikes for 2018 will be. From weight weenie specials such as the S-Works Epic to Nicolai’s genuinely innovative Saturn, there’s a go-fast mountain bike for everyone’s tastes.


Top 5 videos from the BikeRadar YouTube channel

Here are five of the best videos from the BikeRadar channel this month. Make sure you remember to subscribe to get the early scoop on any new content!

1. How to train a trail dog — featuring Tom and Ruby

Friends of BikeRadar, Tom Wragg and Ruby, talk us through how they gained the trust, skills and confidence to ride together on the trails

2. Best cycling smart trainers

If you don’t feel much like reading, why not watch Ben Delaney’s roundup of the 10 best smart trainers

3. 5.3kg hill climb machine — Joe’s Custom Fuji SL 1.5

Featherweight BikeRadar racer and videographer Joe Norledge talks us through the process of building his equally feathery hill climb bike

4. Singlespeed conversion… not as simple as you’d think

Reuben recently tried to breath some life into his old hardtail by converting it to singlespeed and the process has been more difficult than he imagined

5. Top 5 road cycling trends 2018

The world of road cycling tech trundles on ever more. Here’s where we think the industry will move in 2018