The complete car for the complete cyclist

All-new Mazda3 equals the thrill of the perfect ride

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Picking the perfect line down a tricky, snaking descent is a thrill that never gets old. Nor is the euphoric feeling of cresting a summit and knowing you’ve just set a new personal best or – even better – beaten your riding buddies to the top.

But sometimes to get to that perfect piece of road – the type that bends and swerves and lets you tip the bike into the corner and swing out with plenty of speed and a massive smile – demands some travel time. And that means packing up the car and putting in the miles to get there.

So, picking the ideal driving accessory to help you conquer the rough and rocky terrains of choice is just as important as determining your usual cycling preparation (gear, weather, roads, stopwatch and of course, bike) are in total order. And whether you’re riding alone or with a club of friends, you’ll feel assured knowing you have something that’s powerful, efficient, spacious, comfortable and packed with technology to assist your journey. And yes, the all-new Mazda3 is exactly that. It’ll make the drive to that perfect ribbon of tar as fun and engaging as the ride itself.

Containing a powerful punch, the all-new Mazda3’s acclaimed lightweight SKYACTIV engines deliver superb efficiency for even better fuel economy and emissions reductions. Think of it as a stage race specialist: smoothly efficient when needed for long transitional stages but packed with enough power for the set-piece climbs and time trials – those critical moments when the race is won.

It’s a classy looking animal, too. The all-new Mazda3’s Kodo – Soul of Motion design gives it a taught, muscular presence on the road. Frankly, it just looks like it means business. That sleek, low-slung form is beautiful to look at and it’s aerodynamic as well, giving a sharper driving experience. Spacious and able to accommodate the tallest riders of the pro peloton, drivers and cyclists alike will appreciate the highly specified and roomy interior.

The all-new Mazda3 is packed with all the latest in-car technology.

Bluetooth® connectivity? Check. Touch-screen and Multimedia Commander? Check. Active Driving Display*? Check. That makes spending time in the sporty yet comfortable seats, engaging and above all safe as well. Text messages, emails – even Twitter and Facebook updates – can be safely delivered via a compatible mobile device  into the cabin, meaning the driver is connected to the outside world but can give their total attention to the road ahead.

Like a professional peloton packed with punchy baroudeurs, sharp-witted finisseurs, high-revving sprinters and big-engined stage racers, the all-new Mazda3 is available in a range of configurations. So whether you prefer a four-door Fastback or five-door Hatchback, want manual or automatic transmission and are looking for diesel or petrol performance, there’s the perfect all-new Mazda3 to take you to the perfect piece of road.

Check out the all-new Mazda3 here.


*Available on Sport Nav models only