The look of quality, design and ultimate performance on the road

All-new Mazda3 equals the thrill of the perfect ride

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Building the perfect race bike – the type that could win the Tour de France, or carry a rider to victory in Paris-Roubaix is a heady blend of engineering and art. The art lies in giving the bike the pared down sleek, lines that ooze power and control. The engineering – a kind of alchemy – is giving that design the opposing properties of extreme stiffness, incredible lightness and somehow still making it comfortable to ride for hours at a time, day after day.

It’s a tough formula to crack, but when the recipe is spot on, the experience is unbeatable. Nothing can compare to the feeling of pinpoint cornering on a tight snaking descent, or the nudge of acceleration when a rider leaves the saddle on a hill and simply dances away from rivals, the gap widening with each pedal rev.

The all-new Mazda3 encapsulates the same blend of design and ultimate performance. The muscular lines of the Kodo – Soul of Motion design inspired bodywork is engineered to deliver a thrilling drive whatever the conditions.

The aerodynamic shape cuts through the wind more efficiently and the body uses high and ultra-high tensile steel to create a lighter, more rigid structure; and combined with the highly efficient SKYACTIV engines, the all-new Mazda3 delivers power and performance where it’s needed – on the road.

The result is a precise, agile and responsive driving experience that is exhilarating when the road opens up and comfortable when it’s time to put the long miles in.

Advanced levels of in-car technology include Bluetooth® connectivity, a heads-up display* which gives access to key driving information with minimal disruption, and an intuitive 7” touch screen for controlling the infotainment and connectivity system.

It’s a car that covers all the bases without compromise: extremely good looking, comfortable, highly efficient and practical. Yet above all it’s all about the enjoyment of driving. The Car of the Year 2014 nominated all-new Mazda3 offers an unparalleled driving experience that will give the driver a smile to rival anything they’ll achieve in the saddle. 


*Available on Sport Nav models only