The only footwear you need this winter

Northwave's latest winter shoe range

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Northwave has a proud history as a winter specialist brand, and this year’s range of performance footwear is more comfortable, clever and impressive than ever

The Italian factory was in fact the first to employ Gore-Tex on its shoes, and the first to address the demand for performance winter shoes to tackle the energy-sapping loss of comfort when the temperature drops.

Today, Northwave offers an impressively wide range of winter shoes, capable of meeting the demands of different winter riders, which should have you raring to hit the roads and trails when it’s cold.

Extreme GTX 2: hot performance, even when it’s cold

The Extreme 2 RR GTX
The Extreme 2 RR GTX

Both versions of Northwave’s new top-of-the-range winter shoes — Extreme RR GTX 2 (road) and Extreme XCM GTX 2 (MTB) — boast the Climaflex collar. This allows the design of these shoes to be geared towards wintry conditions without compromising a single ounce of performance.

Free from overlap and Velcro, the Climaflex is designed to eliminate any ankle mobility restriction you usually get from winter boots with Velcro multi-panel collars. Realised in thermal Neoprene with elastic Gore-Tex Rattler membrane in key areas, Climaflex creates a seamless connection between the shoe and the ankle, while providing an effective wind and waterproof shield.

Northwave's Extreme 2 XCM GTX
Northwave’s Extreme 2 XCM GTX

The shoes also feature the brand’s trademark XFrame technology, eliminating pressure points on the upper thanks to a multi-layer construction employing soft materials, enhanced by the Dyneema cable, with no plastics involved. The exclusive cabling system pulls from both sides of the shoe, providing a snug fit.

The highly-resistant Duratherm Kelvin membrane, laminated to insulating hollow fibres, provides thermal insulation even when it’s well below zero. An additional thermal layer in the toe area, and the special footbed with four-layer aluminium and fleece construction, add to the thermal performance of the shoes.

The road model Extreme RR GTX is equipped with a Carbon Light outsole, made of carbon and fibreglass, with a stiffness index of 10.0 according to Northwave’s scale. The MTB model Extreme XCM GTX features the performance Carbon XC 12 sole, with full-carbon inserts in the pedal zone, and a stiffness index of 12.0.

Flash GTX and Raptor GTX: free your motion, even in winter

Northwave's Flash Arctic GTX
Northwave’s Flash Arctic GTX

You’ll also find the Climaflex collar on the Flash GTX (road) and Raptor GTX (MTB) models, developed for mild winter climates, as well as Arctic versions, designed to face even the coldest temperatures.

With Flash GTX and Raptor GTX, Northwave developed windproof and waterproof winter shoes to go with the increased comfort and freedom of movement secured by the Climaflex collar.

Gore-Tex membranes are once again the core of the two models — Flash GTX and Raptor GTX — keeping feet perfectly warm and insulated in mild winter conditions, while the warmer Gore-Tex Koala membrane — equipped on Flash Arctic GTX and Raptor Arctic GTX — provides ideal sheltering and thermal performance even in the coldest conditions.

Northwave's Raptor GTX
Northwave’s Raptor GTX

The snug-fitting upper is built using Northwave’s BioMap Aero Overlap construction, with TPU reinforcement on the tip. An additional thermal coating on the toe area, as well as a special thermal footbed, contribute to keeping feet warm and enhancing the membrane’s performance.

The Flash Arctic GTX and Flash GTX both feature Northwave’s NRG Air Carbon Reinforced outsole (stiffness index of 8.0), while the Raptor Arctic GTX and Raptor GTX are equipped with the Jaws Carbon Reinforced outsole (stiffness index of 8.0), with natural rubber tread for increased grip. Northwave’s exclusive SLW2 dial and integrated heel system ensure the ideal fit with no slipping.

Himalaya: when extreme winter calls

Northwave’s winter Himalaya

Cold feet when riding is a nightmare that every rider has experienced at least once. When winter really bites, with rain, snow, and ice thrown in, a ‘warm’ shoe might not be enough.

With the Himalaya, Northwave has created what it claims to be “its warmest shoe ever”, while maintaining excellent performance — starting with grip.

The Himalaya is equipped with the Michelin Rock’R outsole — co-developed by Northwave and Michelin Technical Soles — with two different compounds and calibrated stiffness to provide effective stability on every surface and condition. Reinforced rubber heels are also inserted for increased protection from bumps.

The leather upper has been specifically designed for extreme weather, with a protective water-resistant film and a Thinsulate 400gr lining to deliver superior warmth and insulation even when the thermometer goes through the floor.

The Arctic GTX footbed, with a four-layer aluminium and fleece construction, keeps feet warm and cosy, even when walking on snow.

An SL2 lace and an extended power strap with custom-designed closures on the ankle and instep are used to secure a wrapping fit as well as reliable weather protection.

Flash TH and Raptor TH: the ultimate mid-season shoes

Northwave's Flash TH
Northwave’s Flash TH

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking Northwave’s Flash TH (road) and Raptor TH (MTB) don’t belong in a winter collection — indeed, the low-cut profiles would suggest otherwise.

Thinsulate, the famous synthetic microfibre with outstanding thermal isolation and breathability features heavily in Northwave’s mid-season offerings: low-cut, summer-like light shoes with unique thermal capacity.

The snug-fitting upper features a lining of Thinsulate 200g to guarantee optimal insulation and warmth, with additional extra thermal coating strategically placed on the toe area.

Northwave's Raptor Arctic GTX
Northwave’s Raptor Arctic GTX

TPU reinforcements on the tip are designed to enhance the shoes’ abrasion resistance, while 360-degree reflective inserts will be valuable as the sun goes down earlier and earlier during the winter months.

The Flash TH features the NRG Air Carbon Reinforced outsole (stiffness index of 8.0), while the Raptor TH is equipped with a Jaws Carbon Reinforced outsole (stiffness index of 8.0), with natural rubber tread for increased grip.


Northwave’s exclusive SLW2 dial and integrated heel system are there too to prevent any slipping and provide a secure optimal fit and comfort while riding.