The Selle San Marco saddle range

Italian-made saddles for road cycling, time trials, off-road and more

Saddles are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. As one of the main contact points between your body and your bike, and the one that contacts the body’s tenderest regions, they can mean the difference between a comfortable ride and sheer torture.


Choosing a quality saddle is important – but Italian company Selle San Marco is well-versed in the process.

Founded by Luigi Girardi in 1935, saddle manufacturer Selle San Marco has been in the business for 80 years. All saddles produced by the company are hand-made and hand-finished in its Italian factories, and the company remains family-run to this day – and retains its passion for and dedication to quality.

Selle San Marco has a long heritage in the world of professional cycling. Italian legend Fausto Coppi was a fan, and today many pro teams take their seats on these Italian creations, including Lotto Soudal Pro Tour Team, UCH Pro Team and of course Team Selle San Marco-Trek.

Of course, there are many options within the range, with saddles designed for road cycling and time trialling, women’s-specific models and more. To help you choose the right perch, Selle San Marco offers several services.

First up is the DIMA programme, which will guide you through the range, taking into account your body measurements and the type of riding you plan to do to help you identify the best option. This is available through Selle San Marco dealers and online.

Second, once you’ve identified a likely choice, the test programme means you can take it out for a trial period and see how it fares in action.

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The Selle San Marco saddle collections

Sella San Marco produces saddles to suit all budgets, disciplines and riders, from road cycling to time trialling to off-road. Classic designs and modern technology merge in quality products designed for comfort and performance.

Road Cycling saddle collections

Era saddle

It may be the entry-level model in the Selle San Marco range, but the Era doesn’t skimp of quality material and advanced technology. The Era saddle is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders, and is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive shape. Selle San Marco says the Era saddle is “lightweight with an aggressive look that is well-suited to every kind of frame”.

Regale Racing saddle

The Regale Racing saddle has been a stalwart of the Selle San Marco stable for years, and has now had a facelift that makes it lighter than previous incarnations without losing the classic feel it’s known and loved for. 

This saddle has a flat profile, allowing a back-and-forth movement during pedalling that allows riders to take advantage of the support provided by the entire surface.

Updates include switching out the traditional rivets that used to secure the saddle; instead, several materials are bonded together providing a seamless and waterproof cover without increasing saddle thickness. Selle San Marco states that these updates make the current model 20 percent lighter than older versions.

Review: Selle San Marco Regale saddle

Mantra saddle

Selle San Marco have studied the ergonomics of cycling in detail to develop the Mantra saddle, which has a flat profile overall. The saddle is comprised of support zones and relief zones, which cushion the undercarriage at key spots through the pedal stroke.

The central relief zone is long with a view to providing comfort in a variety of riding positions, but is designed with a bridge that provides structural stability to prevent flexing and twisting, which can be uncomfortable and can waste precious energy.

Pair this technology with smart graphics and an athletic, aggressive style and it wouldn’t look out of place on the most advanced bike frames out there. As with the Regale Racing models, Selle San Marco claims this saddle is lighter than the previous model – 15 percent, in this case.

Review: Selle San Marco Mantra Carbon FX saddle

Concor saddle

It has an aggressive shape but the new incarnation of the Concor Saddle from Selle San Marco doesn’t neglect comfort features for riders.

The Concor has a waved profile with a raised tail, and features Xsilite titanium alloy rails.

Aspide saddle

A high-end saddle with an ‘open’ design, the Aspide features a pressure relieving central hole coupled with a structural stability bridge that prevents unwanted flex and twist. Designed for comfort without sacrificing performance, it has a unique style.

Review: Selle San Marco Aspide Carbon FX saddle

Aspide Superleggera saddle

It has comfort at it’s heart, but the top-end Aspide Superleggera saddle doesn’t skimp on features and carries close to no weight penalty. According to Selle San Marco, it comes in at 109g or less. This is thanks to new lightweight materials like PEBAX foam and 40T high model carbon, which makes up the shell.

Like the Aspide, it features an ‘open’ design with a long pressure-relieving central hole.With one of the longest carbon rails on the market, according to Selle San Marco, there’s plenty of opportunity for fore and aft position adjustment to fine-tune your bike fit.

Review: Selle San Marco Aspide Superleggera Saddle

Urban Performance saddles by Selle San Marco

All the technology of Sella San Marco road saddles, with an urban style twist. The Urban Performance range incorporates chamois leather, eye-catching graphics and patterns and city race logos to produce a range of saddles that’s perfect for the urban cyclist.

Vintage saddles by Selle San Marco

With 80 years experience in saddle design and manufacturing, there are gems in the Selle San Marco history vault. Give your vintage bike some modern comfort with a vintage twist via heritage saddles produced with retro looks including coloured leather. Get some old-school cycle style with rivets.

Off-road saddles by Selle San Marco

Off-road saddles and mountain bike saddles – these might not be what you were expecting from an Italian brand known for making road saddles. But make them Selle San Marco does!

The off-road saddles are based on the firm’s tried and trusted road series, but incorporate different more robust fabrics to avoid scratches, wear and tear.

Women’s specific saddles by Selle San Marco

Selle San Marco has a range of women’s saddles designed for performance and comfort, with support and relief zones specifically tailored to the female form. The Era Dynamic Glamour and the Era Racing Glamour both feature an ‘open’ design with a central hole to minimise pressure in specific regions, and provide support and cushioning in other areas. 

Triathlon and TT saddles by Selle San Marco

If you’re looking for a saddle that’s specifically designed to provide optimum support and comfort for triathlon and TT, then have a look at the range by Selle San Marco. The Concor Racing Sprint saddle is designed for those looking to get maximum speed for time trials. Triathletes have three options – the top of the range Aspide Carbon FX, the mid-range Aspide Racing and the entry level Era Dynamic. 


To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Selle San Marco will be releasing special edition saddles.