This £65 lube claims it will save you up to 9 watts

Waxy chain coating may present good value for money

We first reported on CeramicSpeed’s UFO Drip lube during Eurobike 2017 and we’ve finally got our hands on a bottle of this £65 / $75 / €75, supposedly watt-saving, slippery elixir.


The lube comes with some pretty remarkable claims: running at a simulated 95rpm cadence with a 250w load, it is said to result in between a 4.5–9 watt reduction in frictional losses.

The lube is actually probably better described as a coating — the UFO Drip comes out wet, quickly drying to a wax-like coating.

At £65 for a 180ml bottle it could never be described as cheap, but actually presents relatively good value for money in terms of watts saved per pound if the claims stack up as true. Only time will tell. 

As you’d hope of a £65 lube, it comes in a fancy presentation box
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

If you’d like to read more about how the lube was developed and to hear about how CeramicSpeed tested it, check out our original article on the “world’s fastest” chain lube.


With Muc-Off releasing its own supposedly watt-saving coated chain earlier this year — although CeramicSpeed disputes the claims made about that chain — and the aero-gains horse well and truly flogged, perhaps 2018 will shape up to be the year of the performance-enhancing drivechain.