This steel singlespeed 29er DH bike delights and confuses all at once

This Bristol-made prototype DH features some amazing tech

We take a closer look at this amazing steel prototype DH bike from Starling

There’s probably not many people crying out for a steel 29er singlespeed downhill bike that uses a heady mix of traditional DH and BMX components, but that hasn’t stopped Bristol-based Starling Cycles from making exactly that.


In our latest video, Jack ditches his organically-sourced earth-boy-beanie in favour of a downhill-approved snapback cap to channel the energy of downhill racing and talk us through this truly unique and amazingly well-crafted bike.


This isn’t the first bike from Starling that has passed through the hallowed halls of BikeRadar HQ, we’ve also spent time on and reviewed its Murmur and Swoop trail bikes.