Three for Thursday: Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop & Coffee Bar

No fish, just high-end bikes and quality coffee

In our weekly check-in with bike shops around the US we’ve come across a number of unique businesses, but Angry Catfish in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tops the list for the most unique name. Who would name a bike shop and coffee bar after an irate fish? And what does an angry catfish look like anyway?


Apparently the owner, Josh Klauck, would and does.

The story goes that Klauck met a girl at a party several months before the grand opening; she informed him he bore a striking resemblance to an angry catfish. He wholeheartedly embraced the nickname. When Klauck opened his bike shop and coffee bar in early 2010 he felt it was as good a name as any. If nothing else, it is certainly memorable.

Angry catfish also takes pride in their coffee:
Angry Catfish
No giant vats of Folgers here

The staff is not that angry, nor do they have gills (as far as we can tell). What they do have is a selection of high-end road and mountain bikes, along with state-of-the-art equipment that brews one of the highest quality cups of coffee in the Twin Cities.

What’s the coolest thing in your shop? “The people”

“We have an expansive customer base that brings in characters of all walks of life and varying enthusiasm for bicycles,” Klauck said. “It’s as much fun helping the dude/dudette that rides their bike for transportation through a foot of snow as it is to help someone build up a custom-tailored, handbuilt in America gravel racing machine. Where else are you going to find someone sipping the best coffee in town, getting work done, and wearing Surly and Rapha at the same time?”

Surly and rapha: two different brands for two different types of riders:
Angry Catfish

What is your current bestseller? “Custom Ti”

“Custom built titanium mountain bikes from Moots, Lynskey, Alchemy and Independent Fabrications. We’ve been building bikes with all of them and people are getting so stoked to go Ti. We have one customer that has two titanium singlespeed mountain bikes. If one is out of commission for any reason it comes in for repair and he rides the other one,” Klauck said.

This moots mx divide is one many ti bikes the shop builds for customers:
Angry Catfish
This Moots Divide MX is one of many Ti bikes the shop builds for its customers

“Also, Fat Bikes,” he said. “The Fat Bike craze has been a huge deal for us and has really expanded our overall season. There used to be a lull in the action from November-March. Bike shops in Minnesota got to take a break and regroup. Not anymore.”

What product are you personally lusting after or loving right now? “Pegoretti Responsorium


“It’s really, really hard not to want a Pegoretti,” Klauck said. “We have two hanging in the shop right now and not a day goes by that I don’t think about building up the 57cm Responsorium that we have on hand. They are gorgeous. The ones I’ve test ridden before they go to their forever homes have been unreal.”

Owner josh klauck is lusting after a pegoretti of his own:
Angry Catfish
Klauck is strongly considering a Pegoretti for himself. Can you blame him?