Three weird road bike saddles (and why we love them)

Do these strangely shaped seats equal bliss for your bottom?

If your saddle makes you squirm, gives you sores, or numbs or tenderises your delicate undercarriage, then have a look at these three next-generation perches. They may look odd, but their manufacturers say they’ll make for blissful support for your bottom. 


These strange-looking seats are designed to provide support where you need it and alleviate pressure where it’s not welcome. While hardly any saddles offer a perfect fit for everyone, one of these might just turn out to be the soulmate you’ve been looking for. 

Weird road bike saddles (and why we love them)

ISM Adamo saddle

Notice something missing? That would be the nose. The ISM Adamo has a distinctive pronged shape, and is designed so that only your sit bones and the area around them make contact. Some riders do find the prongs sit a little wide apart, but for others this saddle is just right. 

ISM saddles

Specialized Power saddle

The saddle that BikeRadar US editor Ben Delaney has favoured this year is the Specialized Power. The central cutout alleviates pressure, and in practice has meant no numbness or tingling on long road rides, races or criterium events. 

Selle SMP saddle

One of the oddest-shaped saddles we’ve seen, the Selle SMP features a raised wing-like back and a nose that descends, with a long central cutout. The distinct curve is designed to help you stay in one place rather than shifting forward and back, with that central channel allowing you to rotate your pelvis into a variety of positions. 


Selle SMP