Top five bike tools the pro mechanics love

Come browse through the world’s top mechanics’ toolboxes

Shoddy tools are the bane of the home bike mechanic’s existence. If you’re looking to treat yourself to something that’ll last a lifetime, here are our five favourites.


We kick things off with exotic Allen keys from companies like PB Swiss, which eliminate loose tolerances, work at unusual angles and can be identified quickly via colour coding.

Also featured are JIS screwdrivers, for derailleur fettling, Knipex Plier wrenches for all your adjustable wrenching needs and the Kappius digital pressure gauge.


And finally, Abbey Bike Tools’ Crombie Cassette Tool is designed to be light and compact to travel with, and fast to use. It means you can remove a cassette in seconds and is said to feature in the toolboxes of most WorldTour teams.

Bike tools the pros love