Top five new power meters – video

We check out five of the best new power meters on show at this year's Eurobike expo

The power meter market is continuing to grow - here are five of the newest options

In BikeRadar‘s latest video round-up from this year’s colossal Eurobike show, we’re looking at power meters. They’re the pieces of cycling tech that many a rider would like to find under the Christmas tree, and they’ve come a long way in recent years, but these training tools are still being developed and refined.


In this video we check out five of the newest options in the world of cycling power meters.

Top five power meters at eurobike

Video: Top five power meters

Xpedo’s Thrust is a pedal-based system similar to the Garmin Vector, but with the transmitter pods built directy into the pedal body. It’s been ‘coming soon’ for a while – and though we’re yet to get our hands on some you can check out our Xpedo Thrust preview.

Verve Cycling’s InfoCrank has the potential to be a real stunner that sits right at the top of the power meter tree. Purpose built and with an exceptional level of accuracy claimed, this dual-legged power meter also looks to have plenty of practicality. We’ll be testing and reviewing it soon.

Rotor’s LT (also see the new LT-R) is a single-legged power meter that doubles the wattage from one leg to give an approximate total for both. The torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness data from the full Rotor Power setup is available here – though only for one side.

The Garmin Vector S is another one-sided power meter option. This light, pedal-based meter is a cinch to swap between bikes and the ability to upgrade to full left and right leg power at a later date is a bonus.

The Quarq XX1 is the first power meter for use with SRAM’s 1x MTB groups and offers off-road riders the chance to assess their performance without compromising drivetrain setup. Quarq’s newest generation of power meters now uses accelerometers – meaning no ugly magnets are needed.


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