UFC legend Conor McGregor’s new bike

What would you buy if you’d just been involved in one of the richest prizefights in history?

If you’re Irish MMA Fighter Conor McGregor, then the answer is a custom road bike.


Fittingly for someone who prides himself on where he’s come from, the Dubliner found the perfect frame-builder right around the corner from his hometown gym.

FiftyOne Bikes is a relative newcomer to the custom-bike world, but it has already attracted attention thanks to its blend of cutting-edge engineering and eye-catching paint jobs. And the company’s founder, Aidan Duff, is a veteran of the bike business and former professional rider, so it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about what makes a good bike.

Even the Fizik saddle is custom-coloured to match the frame

The connection came through Dr Julian Dalby, an old friend of Duff’s from his racing days who is now a member of McGregor’s coaching staff. The brief was simple: “I like my bling. Make me a bike that reflects my tastes.” 

So once a frame was handbuilt to the UFC’s star’s bespoke measurements, the real work began, creating a distinctive design that did justice to one of professional MMA’s most outrageous personalities.

A ghost paint effect carries both his name and his ‘Notorious’ moniker across a rich, deep black frame that’s accented with real 24-carat gold leaf, painstakingly applied by hand in small pieces to create a truly extraordinary result.

The gold graphics are painstakingly applied by hand

Roadies might think the custom Crankbros flat pedals, finished in black and gold and inscribed with ‘Notorious’ to match the frame, don’t belong on such a dream racing bike, but they were a special request from the McGregor camp, owing to an old ACL injury that he has to carefully manage while training.