Ultra-light hill climb bikes go head-to-head

The Trek Emonda gets pitched against a Reilly 600SL in a battle for the best hill climb bike

Coming towards the end of their time with the bikes, Reuben and Joe go back over what makes these builds so special in this episode of BikeRadar Diaries.


Which one is your favourite?

This time, however, there’s a twist. The guys want you to vote for your favourite build, with the loser having to ride a very cheap, probably very heavy bike up the horribly steep Draycott, a climb famous for it’s prolonged 20+ percent gradient section here in the south-west of England.

Reuben’s Reilly 600SL

Reuben went for a less mainstream Reilly 600SL

Joe’s Trek Émonda Project One

Joe’s Trek Emonda is a sleek looking hill climb machine

In the Hill Climb Diaries: part 5 — Joe’s incredible 5.2kg Trek Emonda we take a look at Joe’s bike and his training regime.

You can vote for your favourite bike here and look forward to a future episode where you’ll be able to watch one of the duo suffer on the 20+ percent gradient climb on a weighty clunker.

Did they make the right spec decisions? What would you have done differently? Let us know in the comments.