Video: 2012 GT Fury versus 1998 GT Lobo

MBUK go back to the future

The GT Lobo STS was in great condition, despite being 14 years old and having a racing history

Mountain Biking UK magazine have gone retro in their latest issue, heading to the Forest of Dean to put GT downhill bikes old and new to the test to see how they compare.


They’ve had the idea in mind for a while now, but finding old bikes that can be ridden hard isn’t as easy you might think. For the test, they put a mint condition carbon 1998 GT Lobo STS, borrowed from a friend of Stu Thomson at MTB Cut, Dave Mackison, up against a 2012 GT Fury Carbon, the same bike Marc Beaumont raced last season and the one the Athertons will be stepping onto this year.


With the help of MBUK Wrecking Crew riders Rob Weaver and Jake Ireland, they took a good look at how the bikes have evolved down the years. You can also check out the full magazine feature in the latest issue (275) and have a chuckle at Rob donning a mid-90s MBUK team skinsuit.

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