Video superbike: Scott Plasma 3 Premium

A triumph of radical bike design & Formula 1 aerodynamic knowhow

Using the original Plasma as a template, Scott’s flagship time trial machine was developed as a three-way collaboration between Scott, what was then Team Columbia-High Road, and ex-Formula 1 aerodynamicist Simon Smart.


Smart has gained a big reputation in bike aerodynamics, and is responsible for the impressive Scott Foil road bike, Giant Advanced TT, and the latest ENVE-Smart aero wheels. We asked him about the design of the Plasma3.

“While our primary focus was aerodynamics,” he said. “We also paid attention to ride quality to help TT riders and triathletes in long distance events and considered handling and stability for the increasing number of sporting and more technical courses.

“We also evaluated integrated braking systems but came to the conclusion that the compromise in braking power was too much for the negligible gain in aerodynamics. We opted for an installation that made it possible to fit conventional brakes – it’s surprising how much time you can lose from poor braking on a sporting course.”

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  • Weight: 7.43kg  
  • Frame: Plasma3, HMX-Net carbon 
  • Fork: Plasma3, HMX-Net carbon 
  • Gears: SRAM Red 
  • Brakes: SRAM Red 
  • Wheels: Zipp 404/808 
  • Finishing kit: Profile SVET/ ZBS bar/stem/extensions combo, Fizik Arione Tri2 carbon saddle

This article was originally published in the Superbike supplement of the current issue (267) of Cycling Plus magazine. It comes free with both the print and SD digital editions, along with four videos of superbikes from Pinarello, Colnago, Specialized and Scott. A HD digital version of the supplement featuring all ten superbike videos is on sale now through iTunes priced 69p.