Vulpine introduces new range for 2017

Sartorial cycling style for lycra loathers

British brand Vulpine is known for producing cycle kit that doesn’t look like cycle kit. Adding a fair dash of sartorial style and more than a pinch of practicality to the world of cycle-specific smart casual clothing, it’s designed to make hopping on your bike a normal part of the day, doing away with the need to ditch the smart clothes and don lycra.


The new 2017 range includes shorts, jackets, T-shirts, leggings and even underwear, and brings together practical fabrics such as merino wool and details like reflective accents, strategically placed pockets and waterproofing.

The result is a wardrobe of gear that’s designed to be worn all day, every day, from the ride to work to the ride to the pub.

The full collection can be viewed online and purchased through Vulpine’s website. In the meantime, we’ve selected a few highlights from the range to whet your appetite.

Women’s seamless leggings — £50

Leggings for cycling, running, walking, hanging out or going to the gym

Vulpine enters the world of athleisurewear for 2017 with its seamless garment range. Designed more as multipurpose garments than specifically for cycling, the lineup consists of leggings, tops and underwear (for both genders).

The women’s leggings are available in three colours: black, dark navy marl and heather grey marl, and have a one-piece knit with zoned sections where different weaves allow increased breathability, support or stretch.

The leggings don’t have a chamois, so if you do want some padding you’ll need to pop them over a pair of padded shorts, and handily Vulpine produces its own merino padded boxers for both men and women.

Women’s seamless racerback — £40

The seamless knit top is designed to be multipurpose and comes in a versatile range of shades

Next up in the seamfree range is a racerback top. Again, this garment uses the circular seamless knit and zoned construction you’ll find in the leggings.

The fabric incorporates ‘Q-skin’ fibres, a type of polymide impregnated with silver that gives it antimicrobial, anti-pong properties.

That’s obviously not the technical term, but the upshot is this garment is designed to be comfortable and breathable when riding to work, but not sweaty or stinky, so you don’t need to change when you get to your destination.

Men’s merino softshell cycling blazer — £390

Smart on the outside, cycling on the inside

At the top end of the range, Vulpine has introduced a selection of garments for the blazer-wearer about town.

The lining is constructed from that ever-popular and naturally antimicrobial substance, merino wool, while the outer softshell fabric is stretchy and water resistant.

Men’s French worker’s jacket — £120

Available in either a dark green or blue

If your style is a little more casual, but you still want a jacket for riding that doesn’t rustle when you walk, or light up the street with 360 reflectivity, then Vulpine has designed the French worker’s jacket for you.

Available in a dark blue or green, aesthetically it looks more like a shirt than a jacket and has a little zipped pocket inside for keeping the essentials safely stowed. There are reflective details, but they’re restricted to a flash of tape at the wrists.

Men’s and women’s extrafine merino city jersey — £110

The city jersey is made from a very fine-knit merino wool, designed to work well in summer

With a slightly stronger nod in the direction of traditional cycle kit comes the city jersey, which is available in both a men’s and women’s cut.

Constructed from merino wool, it features a short zip, pull-on style with a panelled cut at the shoulders. 

There are three colourways for each gender, ranging from a simple plain navy to a slightly louder electric blue and navy for women, and purple and pink for the guys.

Overseas availability and prices

For those readers based outside the UK who fancy a slice of the Vulpine action you’ll be pleased to hear that the company does ship internationally and that shipping is free for purchases over £100.

International pricing isn’t available, so the cost in your local currency will be the price in pounds sterling converted at the current rate.