We want this WiFi torque wrench for our workshop

How Canyon tracks every single bolt on every single bike it sends out into the world

On a recent visit to Canyon’s headquarters in Koblenz (expect to hear more about this trip soon), tech editor, Tom Marvin had a thorough fettle with a rather impressive WiFi connected torque wrench that is used on the German brand’s production line.


Following a predetermined pattern when assembling a bike, the wrench automatically sets a torque value for each bolt and logs it, allowing Canyon to keep track of how each bolt is torqued on every bike it sends out into the world.

According to Canyon, it is the only company in the cycling industry to use a ‘smart’ torque wrench, though the use of these wrenches appears to be fairly common in the automotive and aviation industries


We haven’t been able to find the exact model or a price for the wrench, but we’re guessing that it probably costs £lots.