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All the great bike and gear reviews, plus US news and features

Welcome to the new BikeRadar US, your complete source for gear news, reviews and cycling information you can use. We’d like to introduce our crew, and explain how we are here to serve you.


For years, BikeRadar has provided a wealth of unbiased reviews on cycling gear — providing guidance to everyone from the first-time rider to the experienced vet — as well as the latest news and analysis on equipment.

Now, BikeRadar US is bringing you American news and features from some of the best in the business as we continue to add to BikeRadar’s list of 10,000+ products reviewed.


Based in Boulder, Colorado, the BikeRadar US team is three veteran cycling journalists: James Huang, Matt Pacocha and Ben Delaney.

With a master’s degree in materials science and a passport full of stamps, James Huang has spent more than 10 years reporting on bikes and gear. Whether bringing you the inside scoop on what the pros are riding at the Giro d’Italia, or giving you tips on budget tech solutions, Huang pulls no punches. You can follow him on Twitter at @angryasian. “But James is so friendly,” you say. “What could make him so angry?” Simple: lousy bike parts.

James huang, in his element: james huang, in his element
Technical editor James Huang putting a bike through its paces

“Better riding through better gear – death to junky bike parts,” Huang said. “Hopefully I can help you sort out one from the other.”

Matt Pacocha has spent his entire professional life — and then some — in cycling. As US editor of BikeRadar, Pacocha has studied every facet of the bicycle, and he can quickly sort out the useful from the gimmicky. His past experience includes years as technical editor of VeloNews, racing road bikes in Europe, working at IMBA and, back in the day, spinning wrenches in a bike shop.

US editor in chief Ben Delaney has spent 13 years as a professional cycling journalist — and many more years than that just riding bikes. (And racing them, jumping them, crashing them, fixing them…) Prior to joining BikeRadar US, he was the editor in chief of VeloNews, the world’s largest professional racing magazine.


The driving force behind the BikeRadar brand is global editor in chief Jeff Jones and his UK team. Jones spent seven years as the editor of Cyclingnews, living in Australia and Belgium before moving to the UK. Two little known facts about Jones: He currently holds the world 12-hour time trial record (305.5 miles) and has five world cycling press championship titles to his name.

Jeff jones, global editor in chief:
Our global editor in chief Jeff Jones also happens to be the 12-hour time trial world record holder

Jones works closely with an experienced team of gear testers to ensure the consistency and quality of reviews on BikeRadar. Led by senior tech editors Warren Rossiter (road) and former pro downhill racer Robin Weaver (mountain bike) they include Robin Wilmott (road), Justin Loretz (mountain bike) and Guy Kesteven (anything with two wheels).

The team is ably assisted by a fully-equipped workshop and mechanics, along with a network of regular contributors who ride, race and report from every discipline of cycling. Their combined knowledge, skill and experience mean you are getting the most informed opinions of bikes and gear out there.

In short, we have teams of experts on two continents, dedicated to bringing you solid, timely information on bikes and gear.

Robin weaver does his own stunts: robin weaver does his own stunts
Robin Weaver isn’t exactly timid about his product testing

There are now two BikeRadar homepages: one for the UK and Europe, and one for North America. When you log on, after you have chosen the US version, BikeRadar.com will remember your preference and automatically direct you here every time. Much of the product reviews are shared on both, but the regional stories are kept separate.

If you start to miss the stories about UK Cycle Safety Week, you can always scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the BikeRadar UK button to go to the British homepage.


In addition to the daily stream of product news and reviews, we sprinkle in some race news from our sister site Cyclingnews.com. Hey, we’re race fans here too, you know. And you may notice some of our gear stories bubble up onto Cyclingnews from time to time.

But you don’t need to know about the back-end stuff. All you need to know is this: BikeRadar is the authority on bikes and cycling gear, with 10,000+ products reviewed by experts, comparative shopping guidance and daily product news. We offer useful advice for all riders, from beginners to veterans. And now, BikeRadar has even more good stuff for you in the US of A.


Thank you for joining us for the ride. Please let us know how we can make BikeRadar US better for you. Email Delaney at ben@bikeradar.com.