What type of cyclist are you?

How would you define yourself? Or do you reject definition and classification?

Can you be defined as a cycling type?

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Take this test to find out what kind of cyclist you are!

Okay, not really. But for a lot of you, it was a tempting thought, right? Chances are, some of you were thinking ‘well, I know I’m [insert definition/genre/discipline] type of cyclist. Let’s see if the quiz gets it right.’

People love to organise and classify things, which is why the internet and social media has so many quizzes and personality tests. I’ve lost count of the number of ‘what Disney character are you’, ‘what your sleeping position says about your relationship’ and ‘what flavour ice cream would your fantasy dog be’ things I’ve seen online. (Yes, I made the last one up.)

Hell, we’ve even developed a few ourselves here at BikeRadar! Want to know if you’re a cycling snob or a weight weenie? How about a tool nerd? Or reckon you know your vintage mountain bikes

With cycling being a big part of many of our lives, it’s only natural that it forms part of our identity.

So the question is, how do you define yourself?

Me, I started off cycling purely for practical transportation reasons: it was far cheaper to ride to work then get public transport. My baptism into the two-wheeled world was firmly commuter based, in the land of flat bars and pannier bags.

I’ve got friends who are avid roadies and wouldn’t be caught dead in baggy shorts

Over time, I was introduced to mountain biking and suddenly my adventures weren’t restricted to local roads anymore. Then came a proper road bike and the discovery I could travel grand distances under my own steam.

So now, if you asked me what kind of cyclist I am, I’m not sure how to answer. I’m a commuter, mountain biker and road cyclist. I love doing all three. I love the variety and I love how they complement each other. I suppose you could say I’m an adventurer that likes her adventures based around two wheels.

My road bike handling is better because of my mountain biking, my mountain biking is better for the fitness generated from road cycling, and the base miles put in through commuting are good for everything, including my individual longevity, as shown by a recent study at the University of Glasgow.

However, I’ve got friends who are avid roadies and wouldn’t be caught dead in baggy shorts. They are devoted to the light, aero and fast side of life. I admire the purity of their dedication and the sleek lines of their freshly shaved calves, with shins devoid of the cuts and bruises that are par for the course in mountain biking. They would strongly self identify as road cyclists, pure and simple, and that definition is part of their identity.

So over to you. How important are definitions and disciplines to you? Are you a purist or do you like to mix it up? If someone asked you what kind of a cyclist you are, what would you say? And of course, how many bikes do you have to fuel your cycling identities?

What type of cyclist are you?
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