What’s the best upgrade you’ve made?

What item or component would you recommend to other riders?

What part or accessory do you think is a worthy upgrade?

As a jaded tech editor, it’s not very often that I come across a new product that I feel I can’t live without. Such an item has to be damn near perfect. It must be head and shoulders above the competition in terms of design and performance.


I recently started testing Wolf Tooth’s ReMote dropper lever and I’m completely smitten.The ReMote works with virtually any cable-actuated seatpost, but it isn’t “just” an aftermarket dropper lever. It’s the lever that every dropper seatpost manufacturer should have made when they developed their seatposts but didn’t. 

So what makes it worthy of such lofty praise? For starters, this US-made lever pivots on a cartridge bearing. It feels as refined as a high-end shift lever. If, like me, you raise and drop your seatpost more often than you shift, you’ll probably appreciate this as much as I do. 

Another detail that appeal to my persnickety personality include reach adjust and the use of a plate (like you would find on a derailleur) to clamp the cable, as opposed to a setscrew. Setscrews are effective, but they are also really good at mangling cables.

But this isn’t a product review. I’ll log more miles before I weigh in with my final verdict. This is a celebration of the parts and accessories that make bikes better.


So over to you: what components or accessories have you found that have truly improved your riding experience? Sound off in the comments section below.