Which bike do you regret parting with?

Share your stories about the one that got away

In today’s world of rapid product development and trends that slice slimmer pieces of the cycling pie, it’s easy to view bikes as commodities to be bought and sold each season. Despite the perceived push for swift turnover, there are some real gems from years past that can still put a smile on your face, if you’re able to hold onto them.


A few years ago I was riding past a garage sale when I spotted something worth stopping for. Propped up next to tables of moth-eaten clothing, obsolete electronics and mismatched Tupperware stood an old mountain bike with dried-out skinwalls.

It was a Bridgestone MB-1. Aside from the cracked rolling stock, it was mint — Suntour drivetrain, Nitto dirt drops and Japanese steel.

An older gentleman came over when he saw me eyeing it. He apologized profusely for the flat tires and told me I could have it for $25.

It was a steal. I sprinted home for my wallet and returned with what I thought was the deal of the century. After installing new tires and fresh bar tape, she was rolling like it was 1987 again.

The one that got away: a 1981 Bridgestone MB-1 in all its quirky glory
Bridgestone / uploaded to the Internet by Charlie Kelly

This bike became my daily driver, whisking me to and from campus, coffee shops and bars. One fateful day I forgot my lock while studying in a coffee shop, when I stepped outside my MB-1 was gone.

I never saw that Bridgestone again. I like to think the person whole stole it needed it more than I did, and that it’s still dutifully serving as their primary means of transportation. 


So over to you: Tell us about the one that got away — which bike do you regret parting with?