Winter Antics: Whistler local Kenny Smith

What the great and good of mountain biking get up to in the off-season

Cove rider Kenny Smith

Kenny Smith is a Cove-sponsored Whistler local who is part of SRAM‘s Blackbox Labs development team and spent this autumn building the Red Bull Rampage course in Utah. Here, in the latest of a series of mini-interviews by our Whistler correpondent Callum Jelley, are his Winter Antics.



Kenny Smith.


Whistler, BC.

Preferred riding style:

Big mountain freeride and downhilling.

Describe your favorite winter trail/riding spot:

Santa Cruz, California, and Vancouver.

How has winter been treating you so far?

Pretty sweet. I went to California for a few weeks and did a three-race series using Freelap timing watches. It was fun, but hard to beat guys on their home tracks.

What does a pro mountain biker do to keep busy in the winter?

I ride a lot on Vancouver’s North Shore, in the slimy roots. It’s awesome down there! 

Do you do any specific training in winter?

I just try to get to the gym as much as I can. It’s kind of boring but it’s good for you. 

Any preferred cross-training methods?

I’d have to say sledding (snowmobiling) is probably the best cross-training. I just have to figure out how to get one!

What’s your ideal winter trip destination?

Santa Cruz. That place is awesome!

What are your goals/ambitions for next season?

Build the biggest jumps I can dream of and go faster than all my friends.

Being a Whistler local, what would you like to see done to improve the bike park?

Bigger jumps, steeper berms and more maintenance. I’d also like to see more trails built without excavators. Keep it gnarly!

What’s it like being a part of the exclusive SRAM Black Box Labs programme? 

I love it! There’s nothing like [Turner rider and Whistler local] Tyler Morland showing up with products from the future!

And finally, should jumps be scrubbed or boosted?