Racing the world’s fastest trail dog | BikeRadar Diaries episode 12

Is an electric bike enough to beat the world's best trail dog?



Ruby — a favourite, recurring member of the BikeRadar YouTube team — is almost certainly the world’s most famous trail dog and is definitely the world’s fastest.

With a top speed of over 40mph clocked, this six-year-old Hungarian Vizsla is a serious piece of equi-paw-ment.

Wanting to take a notch off of her hard-earned glory, Jack and Joe thought it would make for a fun afternoon to try racing her in a number of mountain bike challenges.

However, the pair needed more firepower than their little legs could muster if they were to stand a chance of beating Ruby.

Calling on the assistance of series sponsor, Giant, the pair chose to ride a Trance E+3 Pro to give them the extra oomph required to try and stay on Ruby’s tail.

Will 500 watts of assistance be enough for the pair to catch Ruby? Are Jack and Joe even moderately competent mountain bikers? Do you have any questions for Ruby? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments here or on our YouTube channel.


This video contains product placement on behalf of Giant.