16 reasons why non-cyclists just don't get us

"You spent how much?" and other things often said to the BikeRadar community

There are some things that our non-cycling friends (why are they our friends if they don't cycle?) say that just crop up time and again. You know the sort of thing: "Your bike cost how much?"; "You rode how far?"; and "I would never wear lycra"…

We asked the BikeRadarcommunity for some pearls of, ahem, wisdom that they keep being given by non-cyclists, and here's a selection of the best.

How many have you heard and what other things do non-cyclists always say? Join the conversation in this forum thread here.

1. iPete: "How far?! Are you raising money for charity?"

2. Tetley10: "You were out in that weather?!"

It may be a bit cold but that won't stop us

3. ChippyK: "I don't like going up hills…"

4. Downhill_Paul: "How do you walk in those shoes?" [When wearing cleats]

5. ChippyK: "What do you need five bikes for?"

Everyone knows that you need an aero bike, sportive bike, commuting bike, city bike, downhill bike and a trail bike. At the very least.

6. JackPozzi: "You could have bought a car for that!"

7. Djfleming22: "You ride where? On the road? That's too dangerous. I wouldn't do that…"

8. RoubaixTom: "Those tyres are so thin – do you not get scared cycling on tyres that skinny?"

9. Downhill_Paul: "How can a saddle that small be comfortable?"

"How can you sit on something so small?"

10. BR_Gregor: "Isn't it quicker to drive?"

11. Crescent: "So, let me get this right, you cycled all that way to [insert place name], turned round and cycled back again? Why?"

12. JackPozzi: "How come Mark Cavendish wins all the time but isn't in the yellow jersey?"

"So why's Cav not in the yellow jersey then?"

13. mm1: "How do you manage without a car?"

14. Byke68: "How do you get your feet out?" [When using clipless pedals]

15. Greg_T: "Sorry mate, I didn't see you."

16. II_Principe: "Why are you wearing socks over your shoes?"

"Dude, what's with the socks?"

Gregor is BikeRadar's Beginners and Family section editor after leading a cycling heavy youth and regularly clocking up more than 34 miles on the ride to work each day. He's interested in the lighter side of cycling, such as commuting, children's bikes and the occasional short sportive. He also helps to keep BikeRadar's forum in check, and can often be found joining in conversation threads on how to step chafing and the like.

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