Buyer's guide to winter accessories

What cycling gear to buy when it gets cold

There are loads of winter accessories designed to keep your vulnerable areas covered up and protected in the bad weather. From hats to socks and from arm and leg warmers to overshoes, going prepared for the bad weather need not mean dressing up in bulky, heavy clothing. We've tested a wide selection of the best winter riding accessories out there.

We lose most of our body heat through our heads and covering up under a helmet adds a huge amount of warmth.

Arm and leg warmers are easy- to-carry items and can be removed and stowed away should things start to heat up. They're also an excellent way to extend the range of your warmer weather riding wardrobe for winter use.

You can add warmth to your feet with a good pair of socks and a lightweight overshoe.

Here's a selection of winter clothing accessories to get you through the cold spells...


A good hat should be thin enough to sit under a helmet and preferably cover the ears. Headbands are ideal for your ears when the extra warmth of a hat isn't required.

Arm warmers

Pretty standard items, they vary in thickness depending on what season they are intended for. Some of the top end variations will incorporate a breathable wind blocking membrane.

Leg warmers

Leg and knee warmers add a lot of protection to your vulnerable knees. Like arm warmers they vary in thickness and warmth. Grippy rubber elastic helps keep them in place.


Good socks and a pair of overshoes will see you right for winter. Full foul weather protection can be achieved with a pair of waterproof neoprene overshoes.

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